Why Choose Becker?

Becker Auction is your professional auction experts. Experience, knowledge, and dedication can make anyone a great auctioneer, but at Becker we take it a step further. We believe in making the auction experience seamless and easy for all of our clients, from buyers to sellers, through every step of the process.

We put our clients first, offering a variety of traditional and online auction services and technologies. More importantly, we offer the insight and guidance to make sure that everything we do benefits you. By giving our customers the capabilities we’ve spent years perfecting, we also give you the ability to sell your items quickly and efficiently.

We’ll take the guesswork and uncertainty out of selling, helping you with the the following:

  • Determine which kind of auction would be best for your needs: Online, Live or Simulcast
  • Help with pricing and valuation of your items
  • Photographing and describing the lots in your auction
  • Setting a schedule for every step of your auction, including intake, bidding, closing, payment and delivery
  • Advertising and marketing your sale to attract the best audience and buyers for your items

We believe in doing things right, and we ensure that our auction services will always be of the highest quality by continually improving the technology and marketing techniques that we use.